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Got bored during the network crash so started playing with the Fraps and Microsoft Movie Maker software.

How to beat Al'Kabor's Nightmare.
--Kill three snakes
--Kill three beetles
--Kill three wasps
--Kill 6 ice giants
--Kill 6 orcs
--Kill Al'Kabor

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Art / Random Pics (9)
  Jus Anotha Sketch - Brianne
  Kyoko, The Fabled
  nighte hobgoblin
  nighte ogre
  nighte portait
  Smoke and Shadows (Jus a sketch of mine) - Brianne
  Uploaded by CCTP

In Game Pics (47)
  Again I like the look - Brianne
  Brianne's 2nd House
  Brianne's Bedroom
  Damnit Learoy .. erm Ravok - Thurbal
  Doom Kickin Arse - Brianne
  Doom Wolf Guild Hall - Brianne
  Doom Wolf Kickin Butt - Brianne
  Doom Wolf Raiding - Brianne
  Doom Wolf Ready - Brianne
  Durp Pickin on a Snake - Brianne
  Eerie - Brianne
  Epica - Brianne
  Fireplace - Brianne
  First House #2 - Brianne
  First House #3 - Brianne
  First House 1 - Brianne
  Havin Faith - Brianne
  Hot Dogs - Brianne
  I wanna kill it - Brianne
  Jus hangin out lol :P - Brianne
  My best bedroom - Brianne
  My Rogue - Brianne
  Older House Design - Brianne
  One of my rooms - Brianne
  Padashar did it! - Thurbal
  Padashar pull - Thurbal
  Pally vs. Warrior - Thurbal
  Rainbow power!...
  Santrik's House #2 - Brianne
  Santrik's House - Brianne
  Slayin Dragons - Brianne
  Smokeyboots Kickin Arse - Brianne
  The Doom Wolf Guild Hall 1 - Brianne
  The Doom Wolf Guild Hall 2 - Brianne
  The Doom Wolf Guild Hall 3 - Brianne
  The Doom Wolf War Room - Brianne
  The Wizard's Spire - Brianne
  The Wizard's Spire 2 - Brianne
  The Wizard's Spire 3 - Brianne
  Thought it was kool - Brianne
  Thulin it Up 1 - Brianne
  Thulin it Up 2 - Brianne
  Trakanon needs a Certs! - Thurbal
  Trippy - Brianne
  Welcome to the Neighbourhood!! - Brianne
  When pets attack - Thurbal
  When warriors pull - Thurbal

New Pics (3)
  Aerin Dar goes down - Thurbal
  Bri and the Pack - Thurbal
  Wolves Raid Anguish - Thurbal

Real Life Pics (19)
  :P - Brianne
  Goose (Me) - Thurbal
  Image uploaded by ErmannENC
  Jus me - Brianne
  Jus me again - Brianne
  My Baby Again - Brianne
  My boys!!
  My Horse - Brianne
  My Wolf, Lady - Brianne
  Nikka and Skordeen
  Ravok - Thurbal
  Trail Riding #2 - Brianne
  Trail Riding - Brianne
  Trail Riding With the Girls - Brianne

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